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Sun Nature is a professional manufacturer of custom beauty and cosmetics packaging, including eyelash packaging, eyeliner packaging, foundation packaging, lip balm packaging, lip gloss packaging, lipstick packaging, makeup brushes packaging, mascara packaging and nail polish packaging, etc. Our main products include beauty packaging box, cosmetics packaging bag, makeup tools packaging box, cosmetics tools packaging bag, cosmetics label and tags. There are different material options, such as paper, cardboard, corrugated board, plastic (PE, PVC, EVA, TPU, CPE, PET, etc), fabric (cotton, canvas, velvet, satin, silk, non-woven, polyester, nylon, etc), leather and so on. We also have many sustainable materials for your choice, like recycled paper, FSC paper, bamboo paper, sugar cane paper, jute paper, recycled cotton fabric, organic cotton fabric, bamboo fabric, RPET fabric, recycled plastic, biodegradable and compostable plastic, etc. For all the beauty and cosmetics packaging products we do, the style, structure, shape, size, color and printing can be customized as your design. About the box style, we have drawer box, lid and base box, book shape box, folding magnetic box, round box, display box, etc. About the bag style, we have drawstring bag, shopping bag, tote bag, ziplock bag, self-adhesive bag, etc. Welcome to contact us to customize your own beauty packaging.

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