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Hair Packaging Boxes holds dual features. On one side, these packaging of hair extension retains the neatness of hair, on the other side, it protects hair from moisture and dirt. Ready made hairstyles extensions and other admired hair extensions require special care and handling. We can offer them various shapes and styles of hair packagings boxes, including drawer hair box, foldable hair box, paper card hair box, rectangular hair box, square hair box, pillow shape hair box and round hair box. In style, we have luxury hair box and simple hair box. Also those boxes can be made in different sizes for different hair products, such as wig box, hair extenion box, bang box, ponytail box and braid box. Besides the hair box, there are also different hair bags, the hair extension storage bag can store your short, long, straight, wavy, curly hair extensions, will keep your hair clean, completely neat, tangle-free, prevent dust and moisture, improve the lifespan of your hair extensions. There are many different materials, non woven hair bag, satin drawstring hair bag, plastic hair bag. All the customized hair box and hair bags are available in different shapes, sizes and layouts. So, we would recommend you to consult the best hair extension packaging box and bag manufacturer, you will find the most suitable packagings for your hair products.

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