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To remain competitive, today’s businesses and organizations must continuously improve their processes and become more efficient. Data collection and asset tracking controls are one key component of this effort and radio frequency identification (RFID) is an innovation that enhances both the speed and accuracy of these processes.

RFID services for optimal implementation of smart identification in your business processes, increasing your competitive advantage and giving you full visibility of the processes. They will ensure the successful implementation in your business processes and you will get the most out of your RFID hardware and software. We manufacture RFID tags according to your needs.

Sinicline delivers an array of field-proven RFID solutions for multiple industries, such as Apparel, Cosmetics, Medicine, and so on, which can work to reduce costs, gain efficiencies, enhance customer experience, authenticate asset pedigree and help increase sales and profitability. Our RFID inlays and technology help to increase inventory speed, accuracy and visibility—as well as profit margins—for retail  brands.

The main RFID products Sinicline can make are tags, labels & stickers implanted with integrated RFID inlays. We can encode EPC information and print bar code information according to customer's requests and needs.

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