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  • Have you seen this style of mobile phone case packaging?


    The light color environmental protection kraft paper used in the packaging box of mobile phone case is a product specially optimized. It has the characteristics of smooth and flat surface of kraft paper, unique color, good visual effect, and high strength. It is an ideal kraft paper material special Read More

  • How To Store Wigs?


    First, clean the wig before storage. You need to use warm water and sulphate-free shampoo to clean it, which can avoid hair tangle and help to keep the hair smooth. After cleaning, do not rub the wig hard, and put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry.When the wig is completely dry, it can be sto Read More

  • Why Is Kraft Paper Packaging Widely Used In Skin Care Products?


    With the implementation of the global "plastic restriction" policy and the change of people's consumption concept, consumers began to pay more attention to the "green, environmental protection and low carbon" lifestyle. Kraft paper, as an environmental protection material, has the following advantag Read More

  • Do You Know How To Choose The Material For Scented Candle Packaging Box?


    The first impression of product packaging as a product to consumers has played an indispensable and important position in the process of product sales. In the growing of scented candle market, high -quality packaging boxes can not only increase the interaction between customers and products, but als Read More

  • How Much Do You Know About RFID?


    What is RFID technology? And what are its basic working principles and components?RFID is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification, namely radio frequency identification. RFID is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It automatically identifies target objects and obtains relev Read More

  • How Should E-commerce Companies Choose The Appropriate Express Packaging?


    Today, with the increasing development of the Internet, people's consumption habits have undergone great changes. Many of the original offline shopping have been transferred online. Many merchants have seized this opportunity and quickly shined in the e-commerce industry. Business is booming.E-comme Read More

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