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We can offer customized a variety of packaging for skin care products, including paper packaging, ECO-friendly packaging, etc., such as:  full set packaging boxes, gift boxes, drawstring bags, EVA bags, paper bags, shopping bags, and so on.

The different size packaging boxes can be used for skin care products, personal care products, kinds of mask, essential oil products, etc. And according to the needs of different end products, the packaging can be made from various sustainable materials, such as ECO-friendly packaging boxes, biodegradable bags, organic cotton bags, FSC paper gift boxes, corrugated boxes and recyclable bags.

For example, skin care products from natural ingredients can choose to use ECO-friendly material packaging, FSC material packaging, biodegradable packaging, sugarcane fiber paper boxes & cards, herbage fiber paper boxes & cards, and recycled paper packaging, etc. For high-end skin care products, we can choose high-end imported FSC cardboard. The packaging with high quality material will look more high-end, which will increase the sales and recognition of the end products.

We have many years of experience in cooperating with international brands, and we know that packaging is the coat of the product and will affect the first impression of consumers.

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