What kind of packaging would you choose for your phone case?
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What kind of packaging would you choose for your phone case?

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Mobile phone is a consumer product. Almost everyone has a mobile phone, and some people even have two or three mobile phones. Then there will be consumers' demand for mobile phone cases. Many people like to configure different mobile phone cases for their mobile phones. Some people around me will change their mobile phone cases for their mobile phones every once in a while. Therefore, the sales of mobile phone cases are obviously several times that of mobile phones. So, as a distributor of mobile phone cases, how should you choose to design suitable packaging for your products? The price of mobile phone cases is generally not very high, so we must try our best to make the packaging unique and control the cost of packaging, so as to sell cost-effective mobile phone cases to users.


So let's take a look at some common styles of mobile phone case packaging on the market. Generally speaking, mobile phone case packaging can be roughly divided into these categories: ① Cardboard box  ② Corrugated box  ③ Gift box  ④ Plastic box. Let's analyze the application scenarios, advantages and disadvantages of these types of packaging boxes.

1. Cardboard boxes


Cardboard boxes are of course the lowest cost option, and boxes with clear windows and hanging holes are great for store display. Therefore, most sellers who sell in physical stores choose this type of packaging. However, the disadvantage of the cardboard box is that it is not suitable for e-commerce, because it may be necessary to set another outer box for transportation in order to prevent the package from being damaged during express delivery.

2. Corrugated paper boxes

Corrugated boxes are more resistant to falling and can effectively prevent collisions during transportation. Especially kraft paper-style corrugated boxes are very suitable as the outer packaging of digital products, so e-commerce sellers are very fond of such mobile phone case packaging, because corrugated box mobile phone cases The packaging can be used as sales packaging and logistics packaging in one, and the kraft paper corrugated box packaging is beautiful, environmentally friendly, practical, and inexpensive, making it one of the best choices for e-commerce sales.

3. Gift boxes

For a good shopping experience, or for the atmosphere of some festive activities, mobile phone case manufacturers will put great effort into the packaging, so there is a gift box packaging, so that consumers can directly give it to friends as gifts after purchasing a mobile phone case Or family members etc.

4. Plastic boxes

Plastic packaging is actually a very common type of packaging. Plastic packaging can be used as light weight and waterproof at the same time.

SUN NATURE can provide 100% custom packaging box for your phone case, data cable and any other electronics products. If you want to design the perfect phone case packaging, you can visit our website and contact us any time. 

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